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International Scientific Conference“Development in Machining Technology” DiM’2024

International Scientific Conference “Development in Machining Technology” DiM’2024
Cracow, 25th– 26th April 2024

Scientific Committee (in alphabetic order):Organizing Committee:
Prof. Beňo Josef (TU Kosice, Slovakia)
Prof. Demeč Peter (TU Kosice, Slovakia)
Prof. Durakbasa Numan (TU Vienna, Austria)
Prof. Kovač Pavel (TU Novi Sad, Serbia)
Prof. Kundrák Janos (Univ. Miskolc, Hungary)
Prof. Maňková Ildiko (TU Kosice, Slovakia)
Prof. Mikó Balazs (TU Budapest, Hungary)
Prof. Słodki Bogdan (TU Cracow, Poland)
Prof. Varga Gyula (Univ. Miskolc, Hungary)
Prof. Zębala Wojciech (TU Cracow, Poland)
Prof. Zębala Wojciech,
Ph.D. Kowalczyk Małgorzata
Ph.D. Łukasz Ślusarczyk

The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to participate in the International Scientific Conference “Development in Machining Technology” DiM’2024, which will be held from the 25th to 26th of April 2024 in Cracow, Poland. We are convinced that you or your co-workers’ contribution to Conference will be of great interest and we believe it will be of considerable value to you.

We kindly invite you to take part in the Conference and, subsequently, to send a participation application form and a 200 words abstract of the paper for review and selection before 29th February 2024. The Secretariat of the Conference will send notification of acceptance to the Author by e-mail within 7 days after receiving the abstract.

The Author must send the full paper (max. 10 pages inclusive abstract and key words in Word for Windows format) before the deadline – 24th March 2024 by e-mail at The instruction of the full paper submission (attachment no. 1).

All papers accepted for presentation and publishing must be original and not published elsewhere.

Registrations shall be made in application form (*doc) (attachment no. 2)The application should be sent by e-mail at

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